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Governance in healthcare requires a translation between the boardroom and the work floor.

Any doctor can step into Medical Leadership. However, as a physician-administrator you have a special role. You are ideally placed to make the connection between the work floor and the boardroom. As a doctor, you look at what is needed for good care in a different way than managers who are not doctors. You experience the impact of decisions directly. Your unique role also gives you the opportunity to influence those decisions. This dual position requires you to consciously choose what to use in which role. It is important not to lose the connection with the doctors in your constituency. We offer tools to help you position yourself as a doctor-administrator. Our Medical Leadership course is an ideal way to do this.

Communicating a vision

As a non-physician you also have a specific role: you offer a different view of the organisation. Your expertise and out-of-the-box thinking is needed in healthcare. Yet, in this unique work field, it is not always easy to communicate your vision. We offer tools to help you communicate and connect with the work floor in order to share your vision.

You can’t solve a problem with the thinking that created it.

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