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Are you looking for change in a specific organisational situation?

With our expertise in coaching, training, management work, team coaching and our roots in healthcare, we can deliver customised solutions for your work place in health care. Through our synergy, we have exponential impact

What we do

  • We focus on strengthening the connection in professional groups, MSBs, VMS, staff boards, GP organisations or other partnerships.
  • We assist in the development of a lived vision that gives concrete direction to the desired future.
  • We can offer various methods, such as Deep Democracy, Moral Deliberation, Theory U, ORSC (organisation, relationship and system coaching), etc.
  • We facilitate in maintaining or starting a good collaboration. In the case of problems we can support your team in discovering new possibilities.

Our style

  • We strengthen the qualities that are already present, both individually and in the group.
  • We facilitate innovative thinking processes that produce refreshing results.
  • We ensure a program where we make use of all of your intelligences.
  • We stimulate curiosity and shift perspectives.
  • We support people to tap into their personal leadership.

Our clients:

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