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Our unique MPOWR-BLEZ working method

Follow your heart and take charge!… it sounds easy. Yet few people really manage to do this. And that is a pity, because it can bring you so much; more engagement, more autonomy, more impact and above all more fun! But the good news is: everything you need to follow your heart, is already available in you!

With our MPOWR-BLEZ method we use the four important elements of your ‘being’ to bring out the best in you. We focus on what your Brain, your Body, your Emotions and your Soul are telling you and in every course we always connect these elements through experiential learning. In this way we create synergy between the elements and create space for fundamental change. And that gives you the basis to act in a different way.


Where would we be without our brain? In our courses, we share scientifically based insights that support the brain to change. We deliver this information in many different ways, so it will generate an effect for everyone.


We all know that we need to take good care of our body, so it can take good care of us. One of the (scientifically proven) methods you can use to do this is embodied learning; learning through the signals of your body. This increases your sensitivity and your connection with others. It gives you more access to your creativity, your direct perception and your intuitive knowledge. In our courses, we use this method through experiential learning.


Emotions are often difficult to deal with. Neuroscience shows us the wisdom and insight into obstacles that our emotions have to offer. Giving space to the layer beneath your emotions provides insight into your desires, your drivers and your beliefs. During our courses, we consciously pay attention to emotions by reflecting on them and practising with them. The more you get to know yourself, the easier it will be to follow your heart and connect authentically with others.


We often see the soul as something intangible. But actually, it is more tangible than you might suspect. You experience your soul on a daily basis; for example, when you find yourself in a difficult situation or, on the contrary, in a very pleasant one. Your soul points you to what matters to you through your values, your meaning, your intuition and your desire, and it connects these things to the greater whole. To be able to ‘listen to’ your soul, we use techniques such as mindfulness and meditation.

The advantages of the BLEZ working method in a nutshell

  • BLEZ brings out the best in you
  • BLEZ works as a natural compass
  • BLEZ is a basis for lasting change
  • BLEZ creates depth and fun
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